Download Deezer++ For iOS, Android And PC | Install Deezer++ Without PC Using TuTuApp

Deezer++ Download: Deezer is an online music streaming application for mobile devices. This app lets you stream content from a wide range of popular record labels such as Warner Music Group, Sony, EMI, Universal Music Group and more. You can stream the music online or cache it to listen to it offline. It is one of the top music streaming services of the world, perhaps next only to Spotify.

While Deezer offers some features free, most of them remain unlocked unless you buy a monthly subscription. There is no denying that Deezer is great but you can enjoy it to the fullest only when you have access to all the features. Thankfully, there is a way to get Deezer completely free.

Download Deezer++ ios android ipa apk

All you need to do is get Deezer++ on your device. Deezer++ is the tweaked edition of Deezer and unlocks all the features totally free of cost. In the following guide, we will take you through the installation process on various devices.

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DEEZER++ iOS Installation Using IPA File | Deezer++ For iOS 10.4, 10.3.2 Download:

In this section, we will learn how to install Deezer++ on the iOS devices using the IPA file. This method installs Deezer++ without jailbreaking but requires a computer.

Compatibility: Deezer++ app is compatible with the latest iOS editions such as iOS 10 and iOS 9. You can get it on all their sub-versions. Install it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with one of the two iOS versions.

Let us go through the process step by step.

  • Let’s first get the IPA file. CLICK HERE to download the Deezer++ app latest file on your computer. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet.
  • Now we will need to install Cydia Impactor. It is a utility that unpacks the IPA file on your iOS device. This app needs to be downloaded on your computer. CLICK HERE to get this portable application
  • Once you have downloaded the Deezer++ IPA file and Cydia Impactor, connect your iOS to the computer using the USB cable (provided with the device at the time of purchase).
  • Now, run the Cydia Impactor portable application. Let it detect the connected iOS device so that it is ready for installation; it may take a few seconds
  • When Cydia Impactor has detected the device, navigate to the folder where you have saved the IPA file
  • Drag the IPA file over the Cydia Impactor screen and drop it there
  • If the installer asks you for the Apple ID and password, enter it to continue the installation

Let the installation process complete. It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes usually. Once the process has finished, disconnect your iOS from the computer.

This completes the Deezer++ iPhone (or any other compatible iOS) installation but you still need to do one more thing – Trust the app as it is from an unknown source (to get rid of ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ popup every time you run the app). Here is what you need to do:

  • Open Settings app and go to General
  • Select Profiles & Device Management (or just Profiles in some devices)
  • Locate the Deezer++ profile
  • Tap Trust
  • Tap Trust one more time

Go back to the home screen again and run the Deezer++ 2017 app. Enjoy the wonderful music it has to offer.

How To Install Deezer++ On iOS Without Computer (Using Tutuapp):

The previous method incorporating Cydia Impactor is reliable and has a higher success rate. But, if you want to install Deezer++ without a computer or if you don’t have access to a computer, there is another way. You can use TutuApp helper.

In most cases, you should be able to install Deezer++ TutuApp in the first go. But, sometimes you may need to try a couple of times. The good thing is that once you have TutuApp on iOS, the method to get any app is easy including Deezer++.

download and install deezer++ using tutuapp without pc

As you may have guessed already, the first thing we need is TutuApp marketplace on our iOS. If you have never installed this app before and wish to learn how to get it on your device, CLICK HERE to read our guide on the complete TutuApp installation process. You will have this third-party app store in no time.

When you have TutuApp installed, Deezer++ download will be incredibly easy.

  1. Run TutuApp on iOS
  2. Select the ‘Featured’ tab on the home screen if it is not selected already
  3. Look for the Deezer++ app in the ‘Popular’ category on the home screen; if you see it there, tap its icon
  4. If Deezer++ icon is not in the Popular section, look up for it using the search bar on the top. Tap the app icon in the search results
  5. Now tap on the button ‘Get it Free’ on the bottom to start the installation of Deezer++ free.
  6. Tap ‘Install’ on the prompt that says ‘tutuapp.com would like to install “Deezer++”’
  7. Go back to your iOS home screen and tap the Deezer++ icon. You will see the message ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer.’
  8. On your iOS device, go to Settings >> General >> Profiles & Device Management (or just Profiles on some device models).  Tap Deezer++ profile and follow the onscreen instructions to Trust it.

That’s it! You now have this incredible music application on your device.

Install Deezer++ On Android: Download Deezer++ Apk For Android: 

If you are an Android user, you will be glad to learn that Deezer++ is available for you as well. Since this version is not available on Google Play Store, we are going to use a workaround for Deezer++ download. Follow these simple steps:

deezer++ for Android - download deezer++ apk for android

  1. TAP HERE to download the Deezer++ APK latest version on the smartphone or tablet
  2. Open Android Settings and Select Security. Now enable ‘Unknown Sources’ to allow downloads from third-party APK files.
  3. Locate the Deezer++ APK file in either the APK folder or the Downloads folder (use File Manager or Explorer app)
  4. Run the APK file
  5. Tap ‘Install’ on the confirmation prompt that pops up

In a minute or two Deezer++ download on Android will complete. Go ahead and enjoy your favorite music.

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