Download Best Free Music Apps For Android and iOS (iPhone 8, 7 Plus & iPad)

Free Music Apps: If you love to listen to music then you must have also looked for the best music apps available. These days, there are plenty of apps out there and finding the right one could be a little difficult.

This is the reason why we have compiled the list of the best music apps for you so that you can make the choice easier. We have covered top apps for Android and iPhone separately. Take a look.

free music apps for Android and iPhone

Download The Best Free Music Apps For Android & iOS (iPhone & iPad):

Here, in this article, we are going to share the best free music apps for Android and iPhone. We are also adding some offline free music apps for Android and iOS too so that you can enjoy the free music on your mobile without wifi or internet connection. Let’s go through the list of free Music apps for Android and iPhone.

Free Music Apps For Android In 2017| Download Best Music Apps Apk files For Android:

Android is the most widely used mobile platform across the globe. The official store, Google Play Store, offers a number of music apps. But, you would like only the best ones. The apps we have listed here are truly amazing. You will love them.

  1. PowerAmp Free Music App For Android:

PowerAmp is one of the best music players for Android platform. It offers loads of features that both hardcore music enthusiasts and casual music listeners would enjoy. The app is unlocked with a monthly premium. But, there is a free trial of 15 days in which you get access to all of its features.

poweramp music player for android

The interface is pretty well laid out. Navigation is super easy. And of course, it has a huge collection of music from around the world. It also lets you customize the look and feel. This music player can also play music stored on your device. Cool! Isn’t it?

  1. Spotify Free Music App For Android:

If you love to listen to music, there is a good chance you may have already used this app or at least heard of it. It is one of the best free music apps you can get. It is incredibly popular all over the world and one of the best streaming solutions on Android. Download Spotify ++ app to enjoy the music without ads while playing.

spotify free music app for android

But, the app is free only with limited services. The free version is also ad-supported. If you wish to get rid of ads and explore all the features and services, you will like to subscribe to paid services. Spotify has a tremendous collection of music.

  1. Google Play Music App For Android:

This is an excellent music offering from none other than the giant Google. Play Music started off as just a regular music player. However, not it has become a full blown streaming service allowing access to over 30 million songs. That’s truly incredible.

If you are looking for best free music apps, go ahead and give this app a try. But, just like Spotify, it is not completely free. To explore the premium features and services, there is a price to pay. But, the cost is pretty nominal we would say.

  1. Rdio Music For Android:

If you are wondering which music app download you should go for on Android that gives you free access to songs and tracks, take a look at Rdio Music. It may not have as big a collection as Google Play Music or Spotify but it still has some pretty decent amount of tracks and titles.

It has millions of songs and thus there is a good chance you will find what you are looking for. You can download it on your Android smartphone or tablet. You can also make it work with Chromecast. It lets you create customized playlists and you can also personalize the appearance.

  1. Pandora Free Music App For Android Mobiles:

While talking about the free music apps for Android, it would be remiss of us to not consider Pandora. This app has remained one of the most popular music streaming services all over the world for quite some time now. It offers an almost endless collection of songs and music.

pandora free music for android

The free version of this app features ads and allows only six skips in one hour. If that’s fine with you, you can enjoy the free streaming. In case you want more, you can buy the premium service too.

Best Free Music Apps For iOS (iPhone 8, 7 Plus & iPad) In 2017:

Apps like Spotify and Pandora are available on iOS platform too. But, we will not talk about them again. Instead, we will take a look at other viable options for iPhone and other iOS devices. Here is the list of free music apps for iPhone.

  1. Shazam Free Music App For iPhone:

Shazam is a pretty interesting music app for iPhone in the way that it will ‘listen’ to the song you are playing and then identify the song title as well as the artist for you. Once that’s done, it will let you watch the video of the music on YouTube.

shazam free music for iPhone

You can also share the details on the social media platforms. At certain times, Shazam will also find out the lyrics of the song for you. It is a wonderful app to have on your iOS device.

  1. iHeartRadio Music For iPhone:

The name of the app prefixed with ‘i’ may make you think this app is available on iOS. But, it is a cross platform app for Android and other devices as well. It looks like that it is more optimized for iOS though. It is indeed one of the finest free music apps to have. iHeartRadio offers loads of features without any ads.

iheartradio music for iphone

The app can also find the radio stations around you with incredible ease. iHeartRadio also lets you access the Podcasts. You can create your own podcasts as well.

  1. Deezer Free Music For iPhone:

If you are an iOS user and a music lover, we will highly recommend you to try Deezer. It is largely a free service and gives you access to high-quality music from a wide range of genres. It has a huge collection of music from various artists. You can also download the Deezer ++ to enjoy the music without ads.

deezer music app for iPhone

Deezer does not work really well on Android as it asks for various permissions. But for iOS, it is a great choice. The free version is ad-supported. If you don’t want adds and wish to access all the features, you can buy the premium version.

  1. Apple Music For iOS:

Looking for something exclusive to your iPhone (or iOS devices). Well, here is the gift from you directly from Apple. We will be honest in saying that it is not the best streaming service around as you may encounter some bugs and snags.

But, overall it is pretty acceptable. It has all the features you could expect from any good streaming service, such as Spotify. It is free for the most part but unlocks special features only when you pay $10 per month as the subscription fee.

  1. iTunes Radio Music For iPhone:

Of course, this one also deserved a mention when talking about music apps for iPhone. As the name suggests, this app offers the radio like streaming. And yes, it can integrate with your existing library through iTunes from PC or Mac computer. The free version has a bigger skip limit as compared to the other apps on this list.

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